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Animals native to Pakistan only!

November 22, 2012 10 comments

Hello people!

This is my first post and I hope you would like it. I’m going to share some interesting facts about wild life of Pakistan. When I searched the net for this topic, there was nothing about it. There where some pages about animals native only to Japan, America and Australia but nothing about Pakistan so I thought why not write something about it. As Pakistan isn’t an island and it is connected to other countries by land therefore there aren’t many animals endemic to Pakistan. So, here are some animals I could find.

1. Indus blind Dolphin (Platanista minor)

  • Introduction:-

It is also called Bhulan. It is also Pakistan’s national aquatic marine   

mammal. It is a sub-specie of South Asian river dolphin. It is one of the most endangered river dolphin. It’s eye sight is very weak, as the name suggests, due to the muddy water of of Indus river.

  • Habitat:-

They are found in Indus river in the area starting from Guddu barrage to Sukkur barrage. Read more…